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    Is Fashion Influential to the Youth?

    Fashion is ever evolving since time immemorial and whenever there is a fashion trend, the young ones are the first ones to adapt to it. To some, they just want to keep up with the trends and look fashionable while others keep up just to compete with others. One thing about being fashionable is that it is satisfying. It makes you more confident and brings a happy feeling.

    The Youth Want to Look Like Celebrities

    When a celebrity wears something that the youth sees as fashionable, they will start wearing the same. They want to look like these celebrities and it is interesting how in the world fashion, anything can be fashionable. Whether its oversized clothes, ragged denim or ‘torn’ sweaters, nothing is too ridiculous. In this case, the youths are influenced by what they consider as fashion. What they wear and how they talk will be based on the fashionable concepts they see from the celebrities.

    Fashion Influences How the Youths Spend Their Time and Money

    Fashion has a significant influence on how the youth spend their time and money. Their main focus is keeping up with the trends thus you will find that they will spend a lot of time looking up things on the internet and TVs, they will spend a lot of money searching and purchasing what seems to be in fashion. Of course, there are those who can afford this luxury but there are many others who cannot. This creates division and people start being identified by their social status.

    Fashion Influences that the Youth Should Avoid

    Despite fashion having a good influence on the youth, there are things they should ensure that this does not affect. Fashion should not be the only thing that matters in their lives. It should never distract them. There is more to it than just fashion. There are a school, family and even career building. Knowing the limits with fashion concepts is important since even when they cannot keep up with the latest trends due to financial constraints, this will not bother them much.

    There are numerous ways that fashion influences the youth. Fashion helps them build their self-esteem as they believe that they are creating the right impression in society. However, the youth must careful not to be influenced negatively by fashion but as long as they wear clothes that are accepted in society, they can be as fashionable as they want to be.